Apple iPhone – iOS 14 latest version 2020 new features

Here’s everything iPhone user needs to know, including latest version of iOS 14 new features.

App library

App library is another super slick addition to iOS 14 and you can find it too just by swiping runs. This is where all your installed apps get stored so that they don’t clutter up your other screens. All your installed apps automatically get put into various folders like social, recently used or suggested, so that they’re all neat and tidy in one place.

To search for an app all you do is click on the search bar, then literally type in the app that you’re looking for and it’ll appear.

What you can also do to search for an app is simply use this little alphabet toggle on the right-hand side and toggle through until you find your selected app. You can hide applications by entering jiggle mode, just tapping on minus icon and then you’ll get the option to remove from homescreen.

What you can also do is tap on those three little dots and hide an entire screen by tapping on the tick so now when you go back to your home screen and toggle through your various pages, you will only have the ones available that you selected.

New Interface

So there’s a critical difference now, when you activate Siri on iOS 14 because it has a compact interface. If I’m in photos for example and I say hey Siri remind me to phone Amy, then it has a new contact look that doesn’t take up the whole screen like it did in the past.

Even if you get a phone call or a call on whatsapp, the new interface will kick in that, takes up way less screen space. If you want you can still swipe down to bring back the full screen interface so you have way more control which is pretty cool.

Emoji Search

Everyone loves to use a good emoji whether you’re using iMessage or whatsapp. Let’s just say you’re busy typing out something to a friend and you want to add an emoji while on iPhones, it can be particularly frustrating because you put a scroll through all of the emojis. But what you could not do is search for emojis.

In keyboard emoji section just type in what you’re looking for like fire for example and bam all the emojis related to fire will pop up. You can just select them and you can do this with so many different things like if you type in hands tech or even dog all the emojis will pop up.


The good old emojis also got a bit of an update and if you scroll all the way to the right-hand side under headgear, they’ve added a bunch of really cool options like a cycling helmet for example it looks so epic, even a graduation cap.

So definitely check out all the various ones they have and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of head, a new option is base coverings, so you can add a mask to your memoji, change the color of it to completely customize your look.

When that’s done, you also have a bunch of new expressions to choose from when messaging people with your Memoji emoji. You can use them on iMessage, whatsapp and even Instagram.


Now heading into reminders and starting with a couple cool updates compared to iOS 13 iOS 14 now has a new remind about the straight away. You can add a new reminder give it a title. This just makes life a little bit easier by having that new reminded button there straight away when you enter the app.

If you also have into your lists and click on the information icon, you will see it got a bit of a facelift and just makes life so much easier when adding extra information. Compared to iOS 13 it looks so much better and even the calendar got a much-needed upgrade.

Once you’ve added all your additional information to your reminder like date time and all the rest, what you can also do is customize the look of your list a little bit further. You would be able to change the color of it and to select something out of all of these icons.

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