Best free Apps for iPhone

There are bunch of free apps for the users of iPhone to enjoy. If you’re looking for those apps you’ve definitely visited the right place. You’re going to see a list of categories in which every specifically application is divided.

Best Navigation/Map App:

  • Google Maps: Google Maps is the best app in terms navigation apps. You can easily travel far away from your homeland and can roam around with the help of this app with no fear of getting lost. This Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps. As this app is a Google app, so you can sync it with your google account.

Best Camera/Photo Apps:

  • Flickr: The application Flickr allows you to browse your Flickr photos and also lets you download from your iPhone to their free storage account 1TB. If you take a lot of photos is a great option. It also got filters and editing tools, so you can correct your photos before you upload them to Flickr, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Snapseed: The above application is mostly related to viewing photos and storage, but Snapseed good for photo effects. You can change and customize photos with lots of choice and application tools for free.
  • Photo Editor by Aviary: Another application is free, but this one has the in-app purchases if you want more effects than just the basics. The free version has more features and is more than enough to make some cool editing photos.

Best Cloud Storage Apps:

  • Dropbox: The most famous and broadly known, Dropbox is very sweet to store your files in the cloud. It works on almost all devices and the iPhone is amazing to load all your photos and videos automatically. The only drawback? Expensive for storage. If a large amount of data is used, you’ll pay far more than competitors.
  • OneDrive: Although it’s from Microsoft, a very good application. Simply each one has a PC with Windows, which makes this application really useful. OneDrive is built into Office 2013, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and other Microsoft products, so if you are in the world of Microsoft, this is a good application for cloud storage. It is also cheaper than Dropbox in terms of storage.

Best Messaging/Chat Apps:

  • Google Hangouts: Hangouts is ideal for anyone who uses Gmail and other Google services. It allows you to chat with friends and make video calls with groups of people. Not a very great application if you think really talk about it, but as it is Google, it is useful.
  • WhatsApp: One of a best apps when it comes to chat or make video calls is WhatsApp. Recently, it launched a version of end-to-end encryption while doing calls which ensures that your conversation can’t be read by the third party.
  • Facebook Messenger: Another great app for those who likes to chit chat with their loved ones is Messenger. Furthermore, you can have the full advantage of making free calls, using emojis and stickers in convo, record voice messages.

Best Social Apps:

  • Facebook: The most popular app among social media is Facebook. It allows you to stay connected with your dear ones. You can post your pictures, videos and memories on this app. It also got a news feed where you can read related to what you followed.
  • Instagram: Another app where you can post your pictures and videos known as Instagram. Likewise, you can have the access of seeing pictures and videos of your friends. You can use different sort of filters while uploading your pictures as well.
  • Snapchat: A very common app used these days called Snapchat by a bunch of teenagers. This app allows you to share your daily routine in terms of pictures and videos. You can also filter out your images and share it among your SnapFam.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a best app to use in respect of being professional. Many Multi-national companies use this app for finding energetic and hardworking talent.
  • YouTube: The only app to have millions, billions of videos on any video platform around the whole globe is YouTube. This app allows you to watch anything related to your interest.

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