Best Tips to get more Views on YouTube

In this article, you’re going to learn some tips on getting more views to your YouTube videos for free. In today’s world, YouTube is the most rapidly growing video-sharing search engine because of 300 hours of video gets uploaded every single minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on this platform.

Fundamentals of the YouTube Algorithms:

There may be hundreds, if not thousands of factors that help boost your video views on YouTube but there are two that are more important than any other in 2019. That are click-through-rate and the rate of average audience retention.

Click through rate is the percentage of viewers who click on your video when they see it on screen. Average audience retention rate is the percentage of a video your audience watches, average over all viewing sessions. If you can boost these principles, your video will be more viewed. That means more impressions, clicks, and views.

Make a Good and Unique Content:

This is the most recommended tip for getting more views on YouTube. Make that sort of good content which is unique and nobody else is making. Because of making good and unique content, you’ll able to get more subscribers and get more watching time for your videos. In case, if you’ve your own YouTube channel then it couldn’t get any more better than to create fresh content. This strategy will lead you to generate more traffic to your channel and will help you to get more subscribers.

Make a Good Thumbnail:

YouTube thumbnail gives the most attention and gets the most clicks. So how do you create an attractive thumbnail? First, include text. The text should take up to two thirds of the image and affect your audience with words of relevant fashion. Unavoidably, a lot of people will find your YouTube videos just by browsing the platform looking for something to watch. Without interesting, unique thumbnail you will not get many views as you want.

A good thumbnail needs number of things to be implemented like choose a bright color for background, choose a contrasting text color, use two thirds for text, one third for facial expressions or topic context.

By making this thumbnail, you will immensely increase click through rate. Improve your click through rate is great because it means that for each click, you will get more views.

For example, the video gets 100,000 impressions with a click-through rate of 5% will get 5000 views, while the click-through rate of 12% you will get 12,000, an increase of 140% increase in views.

Get Friendly with YouTube SEO:

Keywords are necessary. Without target keywords, there is nothing to optimize. Once you have made a list of the issues you want to address (thinking in terms of series!), go ahead and write them one by one in the YouTube search bar. As you have apparently seen before, YouTube will produce a detail of proposed search queries. Each of these suggestions is something that has been sought again and again by actual users of YouTube. Each of them, in other words, is a great candidate for a keyword destination.

It is substantial to observe that some keywords are more ambitious i.e. more difficult to qualify for others. With the keyword tool free WordStream, you can get an idea of ​​how competitive each of your keywords are. Although extracts data from Google and Bing-no-tool YouTube is. However, an effective way to measure the level of difficulty we’re dealing with.

  • SEO for YouTube video titles: When deciding where to put your videos in the search results for a particular search. YouTube looks at a number of the most important attributes to the title of your video. If you want your video plain and simple to rank for a particular keyword that keyword needs to appear in the title-ideally at the beginning of the title. Because there is anecdotal evidence indicates that begin with the title of your target keywords can drive a small bump in the rankings.

  • SEO for YouTube video descriptions: The second attribute is that you need to optimize your video description. Although not as important as the title, your description to be consider when the search results are being held. Be sure to include your target keywords at least once.

There is a difference between keyword targeting and keyword stuffing. It is important to mention your keyword and demonstrate the relevance on YouTube. However, you should not harp on the point of writing a bad copy.

  • SEO for YouTube video tags: The last attributes I want to mention before moving on to the fourth point are video tags. Unlike its title and description, tags are invisible to users YouTube (except for those using particular chrome, such as vidIQ extension). You are not required to label their videos in fact you should absolutely-that is an easy harmless way to further demonstrate its relevance to YouTube algorithms.

As you can see here, it’s better that you use video tags to target main keyword as well as variations. This will help you rank for search queries that are not literally contain your target keywords but it signifies the same faith.

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