How to Clone Apps on Android

Cool interesting app called app cloner, this app does exactly what the name implies. It clones apps and there’s a few different reasons why you might want to but first how does it work.

Clone apps can be use simultaneously for multiple accounts. They will work independently. It is one of the best clone app.

How to use clone app? When you open the app you’re going to see these columns the first one is installed apps the second one is cloned apks. In first column, this is a list of installed apps on phone. It can install pretty much any of app to clone.


To clone the app, click on the specific app to be clone. This page will appear, where you’re going to basically differentiate the cloned app. Thus to apart from the app that’s already installed on your phone.

Name can also be change to differentiate between the original and clone app. You can do things like flip the icon or can even change the color so you can kind of adjust the color. There’s a lot of other stuff you can do here, if you unlock the full version Even. In premium version, clone app whatsapp and many other dual app can be cloned.

After customizing here, hit the check button. Then it will start cloning the app, basically download the APK.

When the cloned APK downloaded, install it now by clicking on install button.

Open the Home screen, you can see two apps in home screen. The icon color changed to pink and the name have been also changed.

Now open the app, you can see this app works just like it should.

So that’s basically one of the main things you’re going to want to do with this. It’s free to do, most of this stuff it’s really interesting. If you want to do multiple accounts then this app could be used.

Click here to download the app cloner apk.

Also download app cloner mod version.


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