How to fix Laptop Keyboard not working?

There are number of solutions to fix your laptop keyboard which isn’t working in Windows. You can get your laptop keyboard fixed by using different solutions.

Check Keyboard Component:

Since this is normally a hardware related problem and relying upon the ongoing occasions before you began encountering this problem, it is necessary to begin by checking the hardware component identified with your keyboard. Here you can consider replacing the connector of the keyboard cable to make sure it gets in the right position before any other troubleshooting. Apparently if this is the issue, then whatever solutions you’re going to implement, the problem won’t disappear. You better open your laptop until you are able to approach the cable connecting the keyboard.

Separate the connector cable using a suitable tool, clean the connector with a dry cotton firmly and then reconnect the cable connector back to your laptop and try again to see if your keyboard now works properly again. If that does not solve the problem, then you can proceed with the other suggestion.

For the following suggestion, you can easily use the on-screen keyboard provided in the windows. For that, you’ve to go in the login screen portion, then you simply have to click on the button which is in the right bottom corner and choose on-screen keyboard.

That will pop-up a keyboard and use that to type your password and get logged-in.

Reinstall your Keyboard Drivers:

Similarly, you can make it done only with the help of mouse. So, right-click on start button and choose device manager.

While on the device manager, click the option of keyboards and then right click on standard PS2 and click uninstall device.

Before uninstalling, make sure that you’ve saved your important data and close all running applications. Hit uninstall device which will make your laptop gets restart. Check it if your problem gets resolve.

Generally, when restarting, the keyboard drivers are install automatically, but if it does not happen to you, then you might need to manually install the drivers, to do this, go back to the Device Manager page. Here, you’ll need an Internet connection to ensure you are connected to the Internet. Right-click on the keyboard and select update Driver.

After hitting the update button, select search automatically for updated driver software and have patience to let the driver gets downloaded and installed.

Then restart your laptop again and see if problem gets resolve.

Check your Keyboard Settings under Ease of Access:

In order to do this, go to Start menu and hit gear icon to open the windows setting. Then click ease of access.

Scroll down to keyboards on the left panel and click it.

On this keyboards page, make sure you’ve correctly defaulted all the settings. Then next go to where it says Use Filter Keys, by default it should be turned off. Here we will first switch on, restart the computer. Back to the settings page and toggle back and see if that resolves the issue.

Check for Synaptics Drivers and Uninstall them:

There is a broad claim that the latest version of these drivers doesn’t work well with Windows 10, and can cause problems such as your keyboard does not work.

Here you have to remove any Synaptics driver version you may have, and restart your computer. After the restart, Windows will automatically install the older version of these drivers that are more compatible with Windows 10.

To do that, go back to the device manager and search for the Synaptics driver. Not all computers have these drivers, so you can skip this fix if you cannot find your device manager. But if you find it, then simply right-click and select uninstall. Restart your computer and see if that resolves the issue.

If all else fails, then consider replacing your keyboard completely. You may need the help of a technician to do this. If you decide to order one yourself, then make sure you use the exact specifications of your laptop to make sure you order the right keyboard. And while you wait you can, of course, use extern keyboard for now.

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