How to Increase WiFi Speed on an Android Device for Better Internet?

How to Increase WiFi Speed on an Android Device for Better Internet?

There are numerous ways that can result your WiFi speed on an Android device to weaken. However, there is no need to worry about as you can increase your WiFi speed to make your Internet connection on Android devices more stable.

Frequency and Channels:

If you’re having trouble with your internet strength on your android device. Before doing anything else, you better have a look at your router’s frequency and channel.

Usually older WiFi routers operate on 1 frequency band – 2.4 GHz. If you share the same frequency as of your neighbors, signals will get crossed which will cause you in a weaker WiFi connection. If the router is marketed as dual-band, which supports the frequency band of 5 GHz. Switching to 5GHz WiFi could improve its strength. This specific frequency is less occupied and supports more channels. It has a shorter range.

Choose a different Channel:

Each frequency has smaller bands within it. They are called Channels. The frequency of 2.4 GHz has 11 channels on average, and 5 GHz has 45 channels. Supremely, you want yourself using that channel nobody else is using. You can use free WiFi scanner software to catch other network channels using in your surroundings. It can be difficult for those who uses 2.4 GHz as there are fewer options to choose from. Some routers have a feature that automatically selects the ideal channel for you. Still you can manually choose one channel and stay there indefinitely. People in 5GHz however, have plenty of channels to choose from. A small amount of chance of bumping into another person while at this frequency.

How to Change your Frequency and Channel:

  • Connect to your wireless network, while using your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Type the IP address of your router in browser.

Note: If you do not know your IP address, open a Command Prompt and type ipconfig. Your IP address will be display beneath Default Gateway.

  • Fill in your login details to enter your router’s settings.
  • Better find an option to change both frequency and channel because the router settings vary by brand.

Some routers have premium applications that can be downloaded to these settings remotely accessed.

Choosing a Channel:

Use a Windows PC and use Command Prompt or PowerShell.

  • Open any program and type NETSH WLAN SHOW NETWORKS MODE=BSSID

This command will show all network broadcasting, their SSID, and what channel they use.

  • Choose less populated channels. In the above case, you can select a channel between 1 and 6, and it should not interfere with your neighbor signals.

Buy a WiFi Repeater:

A WiFi repeater – as name suggests – repeating the WiFi signal to extend the range. If you live in a big house, using a repeater to boost the WiFi signal is quite difficult to reach your Android phone.

Update your WiFi Router Passcode:

In order to enjoy high-speed internet, you must update WiFi router passcode once in a week. Or else your internet could be easily steal by strangers around you. Enter the WiFi settings page and look for the part that allows you to update the SSID and password. Give appropriate SSID and password. Make sure you use WPA2, the latest in encryption technology network.

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