How to Transfer Data from Android Internal Storage to an External SD Card?

A perfect way to deal with an Android phone which tends to feel weak over time is by expanding storage using a SD card. This small equipment like a size of your nail of the thumb, has existed for more than two decades. It can store large amounts of data relying upon on its capacity. It can be range from 128mb to 1TB in capacity.

Although we would like all phones come with unlimited storage, which is not likely in sight in the short term. In addition, the phone will not magically move all your files and images on the SD card, once you insert it. You need to configure it to keep your files, applications and media. This way, you free up valuable storage space in the internal memory of the phone.

How to Transfer Files from Android Storage to SD Card?

To move files from internal memory of phone to an external SD card, use the File Manager application on your phone. (in our case, it’s My Files)

Using File Manager:

  • Open File Manager or My files from its location on your phone.

  • A list of different categories and storage options will pop-up on your screen. Hit on the documents folder.

  • Click on the three vertical dots option at the top right side of the screen to open up a list of actions.

  • Press edit button and select the files you want to transfer.

  • Click move.

  • Go to SD card through My Files using the home icon. Choose the desired location of your files on SD card and press Move Here. You can press cancel to repeat the action again.

  • Your phone will transfer desired data into SD Card.

How to Transfer Images from Android Internal Storage to SD Card?

You can easily transfer images from phone’s internal storage to SD Card by following the below points.

  • Open your File Manager and click Internal Storage.

  • Click DCIM.

  • Find Camera and long press it.

  • Tap the Menu (three vertical dots) icon at the top and click Edit.

  • Click Move in the bottom left of the screen (the position of this menu depends on your device). Go back to My files using the home icon, and tap SD card.

  • Click DCIM. If you do not have a folder called DCIM on the SD card. Tap Create Folder DCIM and label then tap done to set off transfer.

Storage Alternatives:

If the SD card is full and run out of space, you can use a memory card reader to move files or images on your computer. From there, you can back up files or images to an external drive of increased capacity, or upload to cloud storage online, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive for the long term.


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