How to transfer data from android to iPhone

How tedious this process of transferring data between Android and iOS device is. Syncios data transfer is a tool which you can use to transfer files between your Android and iOS devices. Software can transfer files from older Android or iOS device to new Android or iOS device or vice versa.

It can also backup data to Mac or Windows computer and restore directly from there.

How to transfer data from Android to PC?

Get started with the app, download the app first, like downloading any other app. Then install it on Mac or Windows computer. Once that’s all done, open the app and the first thing you will see is the three options transfer, restore and back up in transform mode.

It can transfer data directly between two devices that is between iOS and iOS, Android and Android or Android data copy or move to iOS.

In backup mode, it can backup devices to computer locally and restore it later whenever you need. In restore mode, restore the backup data from few different places like from a local backup, iTunes backup, iCloud backup and iTunes library.

Connecting Phones to PC

For transfer data between android phone and iPhone. First of all you need to connect phone to the computer. Go to settings then enable the “Developer options” from there. You might not see this developer option at the end. So, you need to go to “About Phone” then into the “Software Information” then you will see “Build number” so tap on it for a few times.

In “Developer option” down there enable “USB debugging”. Go to the Syncios, then you will see this is connected. It’s now connected so let’s go to the iPhone and connect this device. You can see we have successfully connected the devices the iOS and android.

Choose from where you want to transfer data like you want to transform from iPhone to the Android or your Android to iOS.

Now you can select data you want to transfer like camera roll, photo library, audio, video contacts and messages etc.

For this tutorial let’s transfer all the camera, click on next and this is now loading the camera roll. After loading, click on next and click on ok. Now it is transferring all the images and it will take a couple of minutes.

Now see the app has successfully transferred all photos through the Android device and you can also do this vice versa.

How to Transfer Data from Android Internal Storage to an External SD Card?

For support the SD card to work, need to enable the permission to give this app. The permission to access the SD card just go to this Syncios app and then select the “preference” then go to “SD card permission” click on that go to the side menu and select “SD card” and then allow access to SD card and “allow”.

The app is pretty handy. This can also backup to your local data to computer and can restore it from the app as well.

Click here to download app.

If you are looking for an app to transfer data between your Android and iOS device then you should definitely check this out the sync our US data transfer app.


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