How to transfer data from Android to PC

Take a look at this android file transfer software. Just Install the software and then transfer data to PC. This works for all Android devices whether it be a phone, tablet or anything like that. It will allow you to transfer photos, music, playlists, videos, contacts or anything from android to PC. It is also a backup software that backup data from android to pc. For free data transfer Zapya is also a good option.

Installing Software

Downloading this and installing it, now it’s not a free piece of android transfer software. It’s pretty straightforward just click on the install here and this will take a bit of time so be patient.

There is one thing that you will have to do with your mobile phone and that is turn on a debugging mode. You’ll have to go into developer mode to do that but it gives you an explanation on how to do that.

Method to transfer

Click on start now and this will all start up the program for run so we can then transfer our data.

What model of phone can you do? Samsung phones or any type of Android device it doesn’t have to be any particular phone. It could be Danny Mac’s to Xiaomi phones any type of Android phone that you want to do, just make sure you got it plugged in at this stage. How to transfer data from android internal storage to an external SD Card?

Connecting phone to PC

When you start the program up it will give you some instructions on how to turn on debugging mode which means you wouldn’t have to enable the developer mode on your phone which isn’t too difficult to do.

You can see dots, it means phone is now open. This app got a bunch of tools here but we’re concentrating on the transfer at all in this case so hit the transfer button. This will then start to download the transfer software onto your system and you can see there’s a bunch of other tools here.

Install now this will take a bit of time so be patient and let it download off their server else. You’ll quickly speed this process up. Go to the transfer button and click on it again and this will open up the transfer program so just let that finish off its installation process.

Transfer data

You can now drop this one down to our taskbar we don’t need this anymore, so there you can see it’s trying to connect and it says that there’s an issue and we need to enable USB debugging now.

It doesn’t matter what make or model your phone is you will need to enable this feature and it is inside the about phone in settings, then go to the version of phone, tap that seven times and then go to additional settings, then developer options this will open up the developer options, down there enable USB debugging.

Then you see the transfer mode connecting phone to your computer. At the top left, android phone is connected. Click on the music, videos and photos you should now see your content on phone now depending on what type of content you want to transfer. Just select it as is like, once you’ve got those selected then go up to the top. Bunch of buttons here add, export, delete and refresh, ringtone maker and duplicate.

How to transfer data from android to iPhone?

Go back here to the export button and we’re going to export this to our PC. You can also export them to your iTunes if you want to. Create a folder on another Drive and export this data to that Drive. Name the folder whatever you want and export this data then the files will start to export to this folder on PC.

Click here to download the software.

If you want to transfer information contacts, photos and stuff like that you can explore your phone from here as well a really powerful piece of software for transferring all your data from android to PC.

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