iOS 14 new features update 2020

The new app library is stacked widgets, camera changes and new interface. Lets get started with these epic features in iOS 14.

Back tap feature

A new and exciting feature come to iOS 14 is back tap, basically when you double tap the back of your phone you can now activate a specific function. To choose the function just head on over to settings and select accessibility, within accessibility select touch scroll down until you see back tap. You can choose your clock go ahead and click on double tap.

Check out all the various commands you can choose from back tap as you can see there are so many. You can even choose a command for triple tapping and what’s even more epic is you can choose a shortcut command.

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Add widgets on Home Screen

Finally Apple iOS 14 have added some really cool different widgets that you can totally customize and add to your home screen. The first way to do it is simply by tapping and holding down and pull you in to jiggle mode.

Then go to the widgets page and just simply drag and drop a widget wherever you want. What you can do is tap on the plus icon to select the widgets, tap add widgets and then it’ll automatically add it to the page.

To move them around simply drag and drop just like you would with an application as mentioned. They are a bunch of different widgets to choose from and what’s also cool is you can select whatever size widgets you want, this is great for customizing your homescreen and really just making it your own.

Another really cool thing you can do is have widget stacks and this is for someone who really likes to use a lot of widgets, so what to do is go ahead and add a couple to your screen like calendar, notes etc. If you drag and drop the one on to the other one it automatically makes a widget stack and now you can just toggle between the two and add as many widgets as you want.

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New Camera Update

Now a really cool update to iOS 14 is actually within the camera app. So if you open up the camera app and then point at your subject what you can now do is click and hold down on the volume down button, it’ll start recording as soon as you let go of the volume button it’ll stop recording.

This iOS feature is super convenient or if you want to birth shots you can just click and hold down on the top volume button and it’ll take a bunch of birth shots.


New to the camera is locking the exposure if you swipe down, it reveals this plus minus icon. This icon is the new exposure setting to brighten your shots, just adjust a toggle and likewise if you want to reduce the exposure. What’s also cool is that this setting locks the exposure settings so it won’t budge.

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Photos update

The Photos app also got some really cool and useful updates and first up is adding captions so if you now slowly swipe up on an image, you can add a caption. Caption is saved with an image then what you can do is if let’s say you’re in your emails or you’re typing out of notes, you want to add a picture it is now so much easier to find them.

Choose a photo, what you can do is pinch in on the screen and all your pictures of zoom outs what you can also do is tap on the search bar and then actually search for the image. Tap your image and select add to your notes.

Sound Recognition

Right at the end of the app library sound recognition is a super new interesting feature that can be found in the settings under accessibility. Once in there you can scroll down until you see the option a sound recognition.

Once this is toggled on, what it does is your iPhone continuously listens for sounds that it may think it needs to alert you.

To toggle the sound on or off you just tap it. So this is really great for if you’re listening to music and not really paying attention to anything, your phone will send you a notification as soon as it hears one of those sounds and you’ll be alerted about all the sounds around you.

If you have any question about these new iOS 14 apple iPhone features then feel free to ask in comment section below.


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