How to fix Laptop screen black problem

The problem of your computer turning on but the screen stays black. You hear the the clicking inside, lights up or fan kick in but screen is staying totally black or black lights. It looks illuminated but you’re not seeing anything display or sometimes it’s so dim that you can barely make anything else so. Here in this article common black screen issue is trying to be fix.

If your computer is not turning on you are not hearing your fan engage, you’re not hearing the motherboard clicks then this is a different fix. This article explains a screen black fix where the laptop starts but screen stays black. In my case I have hp laptop.

To start reading these cheapest fixes or the easiest fixes first and then after troubleshoot them.

RAM troubleshooting

The most common cause for black lights is a bad RAM issue so let’s go in and check out how to access your RAM. Before you get into your computer based on what model you have YouTube a disassembly video for your specific model that’ll show you how to access it.

You will lower the risk of breaking anything, getting frustrated or anything like that so look up that disassembly video and then get into your computer.

Under the computer hopefully you’ll have some access doors or some access panels that give you easy access to your RAM. You will have two RAM ports some will only have one Ram port some will have none if your computer has no RAM ports that means it’s integrated into your motherboard and you cannot perform this test. In my case I have D RAM.

If RAM is bad so the first thing you want to do is reset your RAM which involves taking it out and then plugging it in again making sure that it’s secure. Ram is hold by two spring-loaded arms. Pull those arms apart. RAM pops up and then you can slide it out.

Leave that Ram stick out and try turning your computer on, if your computer turns on and your screen works it means this Ram stick is bad and you need to replace it.

If your laptop screen black or does not turn on at this point put this Ram stick back in. Make sure it’s secure. Then take the other one out try your computer again same thing if your screen works it means this Ram stick is bad and you need to replace it if black lights issue doesn’t solve, pop your RAM stick back in and press it down to secure it.

If you only have one Ram stick here then you would need to purchase another stick of RAM to perform that test. Obviously, you would need one that you know is good.

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CMOS battery troubleshooting

The next thing is CMOS battery that’s this component looks like a large watch battery. These are fairly inexpensive; this you need to swap with a new battery. It’s spring-loaded here and spring-loaded underneath so press it in slightly and up and it come right out, be very careful when you do that.

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