Laptop Windows Touchpad Not Working – Solution

If you’re experiencing problems with laptop touchpad so there’s a few different methods we’re going to go through on how to hopefully solve this problem. This tutorial will show you how to hopefully solve that problem.

Check function keys to Enable Touchpad

Some laptops have a function key that may disabled or enabled touchpad. Certain laptops might be a “Function key” plus 3 or function key and a 6. Google your specific laptop and just see if there’s any function key you might have accidentally pressed that has disabled your touchpad.

Sometimes you accidentally pressed that keys to disable the touchpad. Before going on further steps just ensure that it is enabled.

Touchpad Settings Windows 10

Once you’ve ensured that the function key is enabled and no keys were pressed that disable this. How to get touchpad working on laptop?

  • Right-click on the “Start” button to open it. Then left click on “Settings
  • In “Settings” left-click on the “Devices” tile.
  • Left click on “Touchpad” tab. Click “ON” to enable the touchpad.

Update and Reinstall touchpad driver

If touchpad driver missing or have some issue then check this method to resolve issue.

  • Right click on “Start” Button. Click on device manager. You can also open the “Device manager window by Left-Click on start button. In search box type “Device Manager”.
  • In “Device manager” window expand “Mice or other pointing devices”.
  • Right Click on “Compatible mouse”. Left click on “update drivers”.
  • Click on “Search automatically for updated drivers. Window will automatically search for updated drivers for your laptop.

If you still have issue with touchpad then I would recommend to download the driver software through the specific laptop website. Most companies provide tools that will download and install the driver for you. That is definitely another option you can do.

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If you have any question then feel free to ask. I do hope that this tutorial was able to help you.


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