Methods to recover Unsaved/Deleted Word Document

Some practical solutions on data recovery of unsaved/deleted Word Files. You can recover your valuable files by using different methods.

How to recover unsaved word document through temporary files?

You could use one in all the methods which restores Microsoft Word unsaved files is through temporary files. To do this simply launch the new word document file,

go to the top left corner of screen and hit on the file tab. After hitting the button, go to info section followed by manage document then straightly click on recover unsaved documents.

This will lead you to a list of unsaved files and there you have access of your unsaved or deleted files.

How to auto recover unsaved word document?

Another way of recovering your Microsoft Document file is through auto recover. In order to do this, you have to open your Word by clicking the start button and search for Microsoft Word. Once you found and opened it, go to the file menu at the top left corner of your screen. As the next step, subsequently hit on the tab OPTIONS.

After clicking the tab, you can see a tab of Save in the left panel of screen. Hit that Save tab then you need to copy the path showing next to auto recover file location.

Open file explorer in your pc and paste the copied path in it and you can further open the folder having your files name. You only have to copy the dot a SD file having the current modification date and time. Go to Microsoft Word again and click on file option, then press on open button and look for recent documents list.

Lastly, head on recover unsaved documents at the bottom of the screen and once this is done, you can fix the file that you have copied in the folder that comes up. Now by opening the file and you will going to get it recover.

How to recover from document feature of word?

This method can certainly implement for such scenarios in which you will crash your computers unluckily and the word files in it would remain unsaved. If this exactly same gonna happen to you, please go ahead and don’t waste your time implementing ways other than this Document Recovery Feature of Microsoft Word.

All you need to do this is to reopen the word document. There you can see the file on the left side under document recovery section. Simply double click on that and you will easily recover the file within a second of glimpse.

How to recover deleted word document through recycle bin?

If you’re sure that you haven’t permanently deleted your Microsoft Word File. Then you can easily get your file back through the access of Recycle Bin option. In this case, you have to open your bin and restore the deleted file from there.

How to recover permanently deleted word document with Recoverit:

If you have deleted an important word file permanently, it’s better to try this tool Recoverit in order to recover your file. The software works on all devices and retrieve a wide range of data files. Firstly, you need to download Recoverit on your PC and install it.

Secondly, launch it and choose the location where your word file was lost. Lastly, click on the start button as soon as you press the button Recoverit will begin to scan the location. Once scanning is done, you can preview your deleted file. When previewing is done just click on recover button which will surely help to recover your lost data.

If you will implement these methods, you will definitely going to recover your unsaved and deleted Word File without any sort of difficulty. If this blog was helpful for you, do often visit our site for more blogs and stay connected with us.

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