What is Optimized Battery Charging? iOS 13 Features

Apple is trying to make the iPhone battery last longer, so you easily have the access of using your phone for long durations of time without getting it replaced. The Optimized Battery Charging changes the way your iPhone charged overnight in order to extend the life of the battery. After upgrading to iOS 13, which may have been asking ‘why does my iPhone charging only 80 percent?’

Every iPhone model use lithium-ion battery, like most mobile devices used. Lithium-ion battery ages over time and downgrade. They lowered because of their charge cycles and also how they are charged, such as how often they stay in charge of 100%.

As the degradation of the battery, reducing their maximum capacity. Battery aging can lead to degraded performance and you’ll also notice that your iPhone may not last as long on a single charge, as an effective total battery capacity is less.

What is iPhone Optimized Battery Charging?

Apple has come up with an advanced feature called “Optimized Battery Charging” in their new updated version iOS 13. It’s enable by default. It has a quality that your iPhone learns your daily routine and predicts how long iPhone will be on the charger when you go to bed at night. After a few weeks, it will observe your routine of waking up and at what time you consistently plug-out your iPhone from charging pot, for example 7 in morning.

With this prediction of daily behavior, Optimized Battery Charging prevent your phone from charging full 100% as soon as you plug it in. In contrast, the iPhone’s battery will cost approximately 80%. This way it will stay at around 80% for most of the night, though connected to the charger all the time. Just before 7:00, the iPhone will then complete recharging and should reach 100% as you take it off the charger to continue your day.

When it is active, you can see on your iPhone battery table. As shown in above case, there is a “step” in gradient of the load curve. When connected to power, the iPhone quickly reaches 80% charge. It then waits 80% for the rest of the night hours; you can see marked by the dark blue line.

When iPhone get to know that you’re going to plug-out from charging. Generally, when you near to wake up then it finished charging to full (as indicated by the light blue lines). This minimizes the amount of time the batteries spend 100% charge, which prolongs battery life.

How to enable Optimized Battery Charging?

Optimized battery charge setting is enable by default for iOS 13 version. However, this does not mean that the function is actually happening. Indeed, it takes a while for the phone to learn your daily routine. It may require definite amount of time before it can be guess accurately when you need the phone in the morning. If your schedule is irregular, it can never learn.

When the iPhone has gather numerous data (which is stored in the device and not shared with Apple) that will tell you that the Optimized Battery Charging has been enable. You will receive a notification on the lock screen as:

How to disable Optimized Battery Charging?

Optimized Battery Charging is design to make your iPhone experience last longer before having to repair the battery. Nevertheless, Optimized Battery Charging cause irritation if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and need the phone to make it fully loaded, only to discover it is 80%.

If you want your phone to charge 100% instantly and have no issues with the drainage of battery faster, you can turn off Optimized Battery Charging. To do this, open the Settings app. Tap Battery -> Battery Health and turn the switch off for ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ setting to disable the feature.

How to accelerate iPhone Charging after 80%?

When your iPhone gets 80% charge and expecting to complete the remaining 20%. You can tell the phone to temporarily ignore the load schedule of optimized battery and finish charging to 100%. This is beneficial if there is a special occasion where you need phone to charge to full quicker, but you want to keep the feature enabled Optimized Battery Charging for the rest of the year.

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