Windows 10 Brightness Not Working – Solution

So you have been using your computer for a while or install a new windows 10 in computer and brightness adjuster is not working.

How to fix brightness control problem?

Here are the step by step solution of this problem.You can solve this laptop brightness not changing issue without restarting your computer.

  • Open Start menu and start typing “device manager”. You will see device manager or you can open device manager directly by right clicking on start menu. There you will see in menu.

  • Open device manager and click on display adapters.

  • Right click on “Intel HD graphics” and choose “Disable device”.

The screen may flash a few times and the resolution will change but don’t worry about it.

  • After the window is back, then right-click on “Intel HD graphics” and choose “Enable device”.

  • Close the windows and go to notification panel in start menu.

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Enjoy your brightness control working again. You can also do this procedure with screen brightness windows 7. If you have any question then feel free to ask in comments section below.


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